Our Background


Changi Bethany School-House is operated by Changi Bethany Church and is registered with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). It is opened to children of all races, religions and nationalities. Please visit www.cbc.org.sg to find out more about Changi Bethany Church. 

The academic year is divided into 4 school terms and each term consists of 10 weeks, in accordance with the Ministry of Educations's guidelines. The School-House is housed on the first and ground floors of the church compound.


Our Mission

Serve the community around us with quality preschool education by engaging the active learner in a child.

Our Philosophy

  • Every child is a precious gift from God for us to respect, love and nurture.

  •  Every child is a unique individual with the potential to grow and glow.

  •  Our curriculum implemented in a safe and caring environment facilitates and promotes the development of the whole child.

  •  Our Principal and teachers are professional early childhood educators who seek continual professional training and upgrading.  We value their diverse skills, experiences and knowledge.

  •  Our staff are thinkers, planners and leaders who use their skills for the benefit of the children, parents and Kindergarten.

  •  Parents are our partners in shaping and building children’s characters, understandings and skills that reflect the aspirations of the families.

  •  We encourage parents’ participation and support in family-centered activities and events.

Our Facilities

Complete with playground, air-conditioned sleeping quarters, kitchen and canteen, spacious classrooms and lots of activity and learning areas.


Safety and security of the children are high on our priority list. The compound has security installations such as latched fences as well as trained staff on fire and first-aid.

We Provide

  • A broad-based and balanced curriculum

  • A rich and stimulating environment

  • Trained and qualified teaching and support staff


Give us a call:

6542 9171