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Our Background


Changi Bethany School-House is operated by Changi Bethany Church and is registered with Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). It is opened to children of all races, religions and nationalities. Please visit to find out more about Changi Bethany Church. 

The academic year is divided into 4 school terms and each term consists of 10 weeks. Our children are engaged in activities and learning through play during the school holidays. 

Our Vision

A preschool that empowers every child to grow and glow

Our Mission

Serve the community around us with quality preschool education and childcare by engaging the active learner in a child.


Our Philosophy

Every child is a gift from God for us to respect, love and nurture. Every child is empowered to grow and glow. 

Our early childhood educators are the pillars of our organization who seek continual professional training and development. They are thinkers, planners and leaders who use their skills, experiences and knowledge for the benefit of the children in Changi Bethany School-House and their parents.

We believe that parents are our partners in shaping and building our children in their developmental milestones. With parents’ support, participation and encouragement in this partnership, we believe our children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills, and imbued with the values to take on challenges in both good and difficult times along their lifelong journey.

Our Core Values

Love all children, regardless of socio-economic background, nationality, race or religion.

Appreciate the differences among people around us.

Motivate, inspire and excite children to explore, learn and create new ideas.

Persevere in our passion to ignite in every child a spark to excel and glow in their learning journey.

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Our Facilities

Complete with playground, air-conditioned classrooms, kitchen and canteen, we provide lots of activities and learning areas.


Safety and security of the children are our priority . The compound is  securely installed with latched fences and enclosed classrooms for conducive learning experiences.

We Provide

  • A broad-based and balanced curriculum

  • A rich and stimulating environment

  • Trained and qualified teaching and support staff

Give us a call:

6542 9171

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